You’ve signed up to ride California’s great motorcycling roads, either on one of our GPS guided motorcycle tours or on a custom guided tour. Trouble is you have to get there first. 

Where am I flying to?

You want to fly into SFO San Francisco International Airport. Don’t be tempted by Oakland or San Jose Airport unless you want to add an additional hour of ground transport time to your trip. Your hotel and rental bike are very close to the airport.

Any Airfare tips?

We often use to get a general idea about the airfare market and also try carrier specific websites like and virgin america as they carriers are often not visible on aggregator websites. Generally we start looking into airfare about 3 months prior to departure.

When should I arrive?

If you’d like to arrange and extra day before the tour to enjoy the city of San Francisco Leod Escapes can arrange it and we of course have some good local tips for visitors. Otherwise you should arrive no later than 2pm on your first night in San Francisco. 

What will I do once I land?

Your hotel has an airport shuttle. You’ll be given the number and you can call them once you are ready. The shuttle generally take about 5 to 10 minutes to get there. 

When do I pick up the rental bike?

This is why we encourage you to get in no later than 2pm. You’ve got a great but long ride the next day. Pick up your bike that afternoon. The hotel shuttle van can give you a ride, the rental station is very close by. Sort out all your luggage so you are ready for adventure first thing… after breakfast.

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