You’re busy, we get it, here’s a quick breakdown

What’s on the schedule this year?

What is this how does it work?

  • A week long motorcycle trip in Europe
  • 5 Days of riding, bike included in price, lots of upgrades available
  • Included information and onsite instruction teaches you how to ride Europe yourself
  • Low cost, short trip makes European riding a reality,
  • You learn riding Europe is VERY fun and not that hard once you understand how
  • You enjoy the adventure with riders like you
  • Ride, Eat, Explore like a local on vacation rather than a tourist

What’s included

  • 3 & 4 star hotels chosen for location and character
  • Base model bike with lots of upgrade options
  • Every bike has a GPS with routes loaded and everyone gets a “road book” with routes
  • Everyone gets use of a helmet radio com to stay connected while riding
  • Online Champ U course from Yamaha Champions Riding School to brush up on your skills
  • Two instructors are riding as well and are there to help
  • REAL breakfast included

What’s the format

  • Group of 10-20 divided into small Squadrons of 3-4 riders based on desired pace
  • No having to follow the tour guide, your group follows the GPS
  • You and your group choose from array of routes or make your own
  • Arrive on Sunday, Depart on Saturday, Ride from Monday through Friday
  • Dinner and lunch we teach you how to eat like a local for maximum flavor and better value.

Wait you’re not some scam are you?

  • Leod Escapes has been in business for over 10 years
  • We built this program because we are seeing motorcycle tours become out of reach for many
  • These trips are put together with the help of the Motorcycles & Misfits Podcast
  • Check our YouTube Channel, we are riders just like you, we’re just tour operators as well


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