You will be riding on Mugello or Misano with Ducati Rider Experience. This is not a typical motorcycle track/training day. Think of it as training with a champion with a heavy dose of Ducati branding. You’ll be riding the course with local Italians and Ducati brings out some of their top riders. Last Year we had Andrew Pitt for our group trainer. You may well want a few autographs from the training team before your day is done. Remember that the riders and instructors English is not the best and it takes them extra effort to communicate with you.  However, also remember they are fellow riders just like you. Instructors are be there to teach you the lines and much more. You must have track experience to ride the EVO course with the pro instructors all day. If you are beginning track riding, you will be placed in the Precision Riding Course.   Our Italian track day partner will get you placed into one of the groups.  Mugello is a very technical track, there will be instructors in each of 4 classes to show you the lines and answer questions so you can best set up your corners for the next session.  There are 5, 20-minute sessions in a day.

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