Leod Escapes & Bison Track Leathers

When we choose a product to wear we have to subject it to more scrutiny than your average customer. We have to ask is this a brand we can endorse? Track riders look to us as a source of expertise so when it came to choosing a new brand of leathers we did our homework. Here’s why we chose Bison.

  1. High Quality Product for an Honest Price
  2. Not just custom fit but real custom design that stands out
  3. Bison is part of our “Track Family”. Rob and Tosha are there in the paddock at MotoAmerica, Amateur Racing and track days. They stand behind their product and support track riders.

Our Bison discount code will get you “Bison Bucks” basically store credit when you make a purchase. It’s not much but it is worth it.

Contact Leod Escapes to get your discount code.

Use the code at BisonTrack.com

Here’s a video from bossman Cat explaining why.

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What if you’re already wearing Bison? Well we got an offer for you for 2024 FREE GLOVES!

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