How do you spot an American tourist “mark” in Europe?

Easy, they are the ones dressed in a T-shirt, board shorts or pajama bottoms with a butt bag and a day pack… oh and don’t forget the baseball cap. This not only screams to all locals you’re a tourist but also tells any scammer or pick pocket you are someone who is going to be easily distracted. Dress up a little. Nothing over the top but being a traveler is not a time to dress for the gym or bed.

Ministry of Supply provides our favorite travel wear. They like what Leod Escapes does and have offered you a 25% discount just by using the word “LEOD” at check out.

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We particularly love the Apollo Shirt. The Velocity pants. Women love the reversible black travel dress and super light wearing sleeveless tanks. Look for items labeled “Formal workwear/travel. The items are super comfortable, quick drying, don’t wrinkle and make the savvy traveler looks just a cut above.

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