Just learning what we do? It can be a bit bewildering and there’s probably a lot of questions. Lets get started with the basics.

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Is a “Track & Tour” right for me?

Are you an Intermediate (B Group) track rider or better? Do you want to explore foreign countries on two wheels? Are you more interested in authentic cultural experiences than tourist attractions? Would you rather ride a great country road at a good pace than visit a local museum? Would you like to explore a foreign country with a bunch of crazy track riders just like yourself? If the words “Hell Yes” keep coming out of your mouth then it’s time to plan your Leod “Escape”.

How to choose?

All “Track & Tour” Escapes are the same concept. It’s 10-12 day sport touring vacation with 1-3 days of track time on a a MotoGP circuit. Since Leod focuses more on authenticity than mass tourism the distinctive character of the country you are visiting really flavors the tour. This makes the tours very different from each other. Italy is about immersing yourself and being just another part in daily beauty of Italian life. Some tours like the our routes through the Pyrenees or the Alps are about breathtaking views from a distance while italy is often about the details right up close. Czech Republic and Austria are about getting far off the beaten path and seeing how the modern world has integrated with things that haven’t changed in centuries. Germany, Australia, Thailand, where ever we go we are just looking for great roads off the main highway, hotels that reflect the culture of the country they are in and restaurants that are local favorites. Some tours are better for couples. Some tours are good for party animals. Some tours are defined by the surprises at found at the end of your fork. Some tours are all about staying in a castle or two. Often what is a “trip of a lifetime” turns into a yearly habit, so choosing becomes less of a stressful decision.

Get on the email list get your deposit in early

Often you are ready to go and have to plan to do it “next year”. That means you need to sign up for our email list so you’ll be notified when tours are ready to book. Getting your booking in early gets you a wider choice of bikes and assures you your spot on the more popular tours.

Once you’ve reserved your spot…

Read this post about how to prepare for your tour.


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