Everyone thinks Italian drivers are crazy, and to a certain extent they are, but they are also GOOD.  Growing up in a major and old city like Rome will make anyone one of the best and quickest riders in the world.  Italy has numerous road and street signs that are posted like every other European country with the standard Blue for major Motorway, Black for city or towns with the kilometers of when you will reach it posted, and the standard tourist destinations in Brown.  Familiarize your self with the standard No Entry, One way only Signs and in Rome, the No Parking on one or both sides of the street.

Get used to seeing massive amounts of scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles, its the best and fastest way to get around and you can park most anywhere.  Scooters and motorcycles will jockey for pole position at every stop light.  Lane splitting is not only done, but expected of you.  Honking is just a way of Italian drivers to let you know they are there, so you don’t run into them, it is not a mean or insulting gesture.  You will see plenty of mopeds with Italians cheerfully talking on their cell phone with the cell phone tucked partway into their helmet – this is a normal part of life.  Turn lanes are often used for passing lanes and during rush hours the emergency lane on the freeway(what we would consider the shoulder), becomes a motorcycle and scooter lane. 

Follow your guide(closely) and embrace the madness.  You’ll have great stories to tell your friends.

Italian drivers are aggressive and competent, and they will expect you to be the same.

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