This applies to every tour we run.

You are going to use your smart phone much more than you normally would when you travel. Listening to music or watching movies on the flight. Taking photos and posting to social media while you are on tour. Tracking your location on smart phone maps while walking in a strange city. When you are out of power, you are out of contact in a strange place. Cat uses the Antigravity Batteries AG-Micro-Start Sport. You can get 3 full charges out of it for cell phones, or 2 for big display iPads. You can charge up your GoPro camera in the top box, because GoPro camera frequently power on and drain their batteries when you don’t want them to. You can recharge it with a USB micro cable so no brining along an additional power supply. It has a handy built in flashlight and finally you can jump start a  car with one of them. Yes, we’ve actually done it and certainly any motorcycle will jump. Plus, it comes from a company dedicated to PowerSports, so your money goes to support the industry you love. If you are interested, here is the link

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