What about medical insurance?
Travel Medical Insurance is always a good idea for this type of adventure and high risk sport.  Europe health service is a lot like the fire department, it’s there and it works. Most medications are widely available at most Pharmacia, but it is always a good idea to bring enough of whatever medication you need.  In Europe, medical care is free to all EU citizens, but it can be expensive for non-Europeans, especially for hospital stays and surgeries. Though it is still far less expensive than the USA. So get travel medical insurance. Which one? Many won’t cover you if you are riding a motorcycle. We’ve found that any insurance company that is traded on Wall Street is a corrupt scam, they say they offer medical coverage but they don’t because they will try to hit up your medical insurance first, which won’t work, then they’ll come after you. So we’ve moved our business to World Nomads. Another notable mention is Seven Corners.  Also note that sometimes, it is cheaper to pay for individual coverage than for more than 1 person. 
Always select the “Hazardous Sports Coverage” for motorcycle medical coverage.

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