First, get your passport NOW! 

If you do have your passport, make sure it will not expire within 6 months of the tour date. It is recommended to renew your passport 9 months before you travel.
Since Spain, Italy & Germany are part of the European Union you do not need a tourist VISA to enter the country. Only if you intend to stay beyond 90 days is a VISA required. 
Traveling to Australia, you will need a tourist VISA, and we will tell you how go get one at 1 month before your tour.

Second, Leod Escapes took 10 riders out of the USA for their first time last year, you can do it too. You’re a motorcycle rider, International travel can’t scare you.

Third, relax, All the countries we travel to are safe and have quality medical care. Yes many people speak only a little English but you make do. Learn some basic Italian/Spanish/German words and phrases and make an attempt. It’s part of the adventure. You’ll get hooked.

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