Arrival Airport: Sydney Airport, Australia (SYD)
Sydney has the most international flights and it’s the reason we usually start in Sydney. It is highly suggested to arrive a day or so early to acclimate yourself to the time, see some sites, and explore the culinary delights of Sydney. Your best deal will probably be a round trip flight to Sydney.
Departure Airport: Melbourne (MEL)
On the last day of the tour Leod Escapes will deliver you to Melbourne Airport or a Melbourne Hotel.
Beware the International Dateline
When booking for your flight pay close attention to not only the arrival time but also the arrival date. The flight time plus crossing the International Dateline can mean you’ll arrive in Australia two days after you left. Don’t worry, you’ll get to travel backwards in time when you leave.
Arrival Time
No later than (12pm local time) on the first day of the tour in Sydney
Departure Time
No earlier than 3pm(15:00 local time) on the last day of the tour from Melbourne (MEL) Tullamarine Airport
Flight Advice
First read our Air Travel Tips for Motorcyclists to get a general idea about our thoughts on airfare.
Second start looking on about 10 months before the tour. Flights to Australia are not as common as most European destinations so it’s even more important to look for deals early. We’ve had good luck with local carriers Qantas and Air New Zealand and have a slight preference for Air New Zealand. Routes from you home airport will vary. We have found that with climate change, has increased the volatility of the tropical rain season in the north of Australia, flights can get interrupted, delayed or changed.  We’ve also had luggage stay in New Zealand for 2 days before they found it.  Give yourself leeway, arrive a few days early and explore the world Down Under.  Nancy has plenty of suggestions of things to do and see in Sydney.
Short Flight from Melbourne to Sydney
You will probably have to fly back to Sydney to make good on your round trip flight. That means you will need a separate short flight from Melbourne to Sydney. There are a number of small carriers that can do the job just beware of luggage allowances and extra luggage costs. You can book a cheap flight on Jetstar only to discover that to get your luggage onto a plane it will cost you three times that. Yes we’ve had it happen to us.
Arrival Welcome
Those people arriving on the first day of the tour and often those arriving the day before the tour will be met at the airport.

Staying on in Melbourne
Melbourne is a completely different city than Sydney with a more relaxed feel to it and many of our clients choose to stay after the tour in Melbourne for a few days. On the last day of the tour if you choose, we will happily drop you at your hotel in Melbourne.
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