Rider communication for group rides

Rider communication is more than just fun with your buddies while you are riding together. When you are running a tour you’ve got to keep your group together. You have to keep people informed and keep the tour flowing so everyone has fun and you get to the damn hotel before the sun goes down. For years we always put Chatterbox X2 Slims on our tour guides helmets so the tour leader could stay in contact with he sweep rider. Doing so allowed us to have a better tour experience, we could ride longer routes and keep everyone together. The increased range and clarity of the radio system of the Chatterbox X2 slim was the professional grade answer. After using them for 5 years we can’t imagine running a tour without them.

Red Leader this is Gold Leader we starting our attack run now

In 2022 we tried something different, we put a unit on everyone. It’s not always easy introducing new tech to clients on tour. To make it easier used the video we created on the X2 Slim to get people up to speed. It takes a day or two for everyone to get used to the controls but once everyone is reasonably competent the results are great. You can tell the whole group, “Hey, lunch stop will be in 20min, we recommend the Schnitzel here”. If someone has a fear or concern, they can tell the guides immediately and have their fears put to rest so they can get back to enjoying the ride. “Hey my fuel light just went on.” — “Not a problem our fuel stop is just 2km ahead.

Wait you made an instructional video?

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Hey can I hear about what other people thought about the Chatterbox on your tours?

Yes you can. We interview a lot of our participants and put the video together into testimonials about our tours.

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