When traveling Internationally, your cell phone is your lifeline back home.  There are 2 options when traveling outside the USA for keeping connected. Purchase an International or Global plan from your cellular carrier for the time you are away or get a local SIM card.  Both of these options will be expensive for calling people (use Skype), so the real pricing comes down to data services for the money.  Check to make sure that where you are going will get coverage with an International plan.  No need paying for something you can’t get.  All carriers have plans – so pick one with a set time period – (your travel dates or 30 days), then select your data plan, and find out if you exceed the date allowed, if the plan will up you for the same or different pricing.  Always expect to use more than usual and use local Wifi when you can.  It is always safest to turn off roaming when traveling and put your phone in flight mode at night to conserve data and usage.

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