We live in a digital and credit card age.  When traveling Internationally, it is advisable to carry some cash in the local currency.  It’s best to exchange money at your local bank or credit union, their rates are better than airport exchange rates.  ATM’s are all over the world and getting more cash is easy, but will come with a foreign transaction fee which can vary widely due to country and individual bank policies.  Always contact your credit cards and notify them of your travel plans and any large purchases or hold that will be placed on your card.  All motorcycle rental agencies require a security hold or bond of $1500 up to €5000.  These are held so that the bike returns to them and in the same condition it left.  The hold for the security amount is then released.  You may not want to use cash for everything but it is advisable to carry enough for food and gas where ever you are going.  European and Australian credit cards operate on an EMV or “chip and PIN” technology.  That means they are em-bedded with a microchip and you are required to use a PIN to verify security and authorization of payment.  PIN’s  on credit cards in the USA mean a cash advance and hefty percentages apply.  So, use a local ATM and get the most cash you can – fees vary widely, and use cash for small purchases and your VISA or MasterCard for larger purchases, just remember to tell them to pass when they ask for your PIN.  Leave your AMEX at home.  Europe and the rest of the world operate primarily with VISA, so be sure you have one if you intend to make any purchases, and if you are a military member, your VISA should already have a chip & PIN EMV system in it.  USA banking is just starting this system, so there are card to be found that don’t have foreign transaction fees and have the chip and PIN for 1 time transaction authorizations.

Contact us for a list of cards that we have used for world travel.

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